Founder, June Day Music

With nearly twenty years of experience, Ethan has worked with some of the most prestigious and demanding clients in the business, including Harpo Productions, Paramount Pictures, FOX Mobile and EA Games.

Equally comfortable composing in popular genres as he is conducting large orchestras, Ethan has developed a musical

Ethan Schreiber

Founded in 2000, June Day Music delivers fresh, interesting, and original music and sound design to perfectly complement your film, television show, commercial or video game. Our dynamic scores and perfectly constructed sound elements will round out the emotional experience for your project. And if custom scoring isn’t your thing, we have an extensive library of tracks in every imaginable style - from urban to orchestral and everything in between.

June Day Music

fluency and a unique style all his own. Ethan is a live musician at the core, and has extensively toured the US, sharing the stage with such acts as Incubus, The Strokes, and Eve 6. Plus, he’s a super easy guy to work with. Who doesn’t want that?

Ethan received his Bachelors degree from the esteemed Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California.


“Ethan has an ear like no other. It is rare to find a great composer and audio designer in the same package. I have worked with Ethan on a few projects and he is the first audio guy I call whether I need a film scored or a game’s sound designed. He delivers on time and exceeds all expectations. I highly recommend you get him on your next project – unless I’ve already booked him of course.”

Robby Kushner, Producer, Electronic Arts

“Ethan's insightful approach to problem solving, and his level of professionalism throughout were truly second to none. Ethan consistently brought new ideas to the table, always looking to improve and impress us. After our first meeting, I knew right away that Ethan would deliver on his proposal, but never did I expect him to far exceed my expectations, as he did. Ethan met every deadline, stayed within budget, and delivered a superior product. Most importantly, Ethan is just a great guy to work with. I look forward to bringing Ethan back to score and compose our next big project.”

Michael Wallen,Vice President & Head of Studio, Fox Mobile Studios

“Ethan consistently over-delivers on schedule and under budget without sacrificing the quality of the product. Without his machine-like work ethic, clear communication, and attention to detail, we would not have been able to get everything right the first time, nor would we have met the deadline. Ethan went above and beyond what was required to deliver, and his warm personality made it an absolute pleasure during the entire process. Working with Ethan was, hands down, the most enjoyable audio experience in my professional career. If you are trying to find someone to compose music or sounds or to cast, coach, and edit voice over - stop looking and hire Ethan. You will not regret it.”

Michael Paglione, Games Producer, Paramount Pictures